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Author, Musician, Historian, Speaker, Hiking Guide


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Elves, Magicians, Dwarves, Dragons and More
Engage in Battles between Good and Evil in
Every Book

The fantasy genre has a new champion and his name is E.A. Channon. Flesh of the Blood, is a series of six books, will envelop readers in the magic, mystery and adventure of a highly imaginative tale. On a distant planet lost in time, a king of a peaceful but tense realm seeks the help of the humans, dwarves, elves, magicians, and giants, who are the winners of his annual games of skill and daring, to search his daughter who has been kidnapped.

An evil force that has abducted her has also gathered great armies to attack the kingdom. Those invasions are only a diversion, as the evil master seeks an ancient power source that will make him absolute ruler of all who dwell on the planet. 

This years we are focusing on getting Kikor's Pre-equal, Whelor's Pre-equal, and Graphic Novel completed!!

You can be a part of the Graphic Novel by going to kickstarter.

Plus we have a sci-fy and a horror in the works as well.


Meet E.A. Channon

E.A. Channon or Edward enriches and enhances the Flesh of the Blood series with his aristocratic English upbringing and heritage that can be traced to the time of kings, knights and battles for the honor of fair maidens. 

E.A.’s grandfather was also a great influence, recounting old stories and guiding his musical abilities towards the bagpipes. Having served in both the British and American militaries, E.A. is able to bring great realism to the weaponry and battle scenes in his books.

E.A. Channon is also the author of Bagpiper–Whatever Blows Up Your Kilt, his hilarious autobiography of an extraordinary life.  The popularity of his book and his global reputation as a bagpiper have also made him a much-in-demand speaker for cruises, group programs and educational audiences.

E.A. Channon’s unique charm, humor and love of a rollicking good story permeate the pages of Flesh of the Blood and are sure to make it an instant classic and generate much demand for the other books in the series.

For awareness our Facebook business page has been hacked. As of Thursday 18th of April 2024 we are not posting on that page until Facebook gets this fixed.  


We are taking 2024 off from events but stay tuned for events in 2025!!

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