Welcome to E.A. Channon website.  Learn more about his history as a musician and writer.  E.A. Channon started out on the piano and after 38 years of hard work playing the bagpipes living through funny and interesting events and experiences as he shares in his first book. “How can you not have fun an instrument that looks like an octopus and sounds like a dead cat.”


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Morning fans of EA, his trip to NOLA is getting bigger, CBS interviews, bagpipe playing for Anne Rice and so much more, so stay tuned!
18 October

Picked up my bagpipes yesterday getting them ready for NOLA next week...
15 October

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Media at Anne Rice Vampire Ball.
18 October 

News on New Orleans and Vampire Ball....
17 October 

Meet the Heroes of Flesh of the Blood.
10 October


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E.A. Channon an invited guest expert on St Patrick’s Day, Bagpipes and Scottish Culture.